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Ayurveda Wellness Franchise on Sale in Hobart

Deep Ayurveda offering  Business Opportunity through its unique Business Model “Ayurveda Wellness Clinic Franchise” in every state and main cities of Australia. Deep Ayurveda is a well-known Indian brand for Ayurveda wellness clinic operations, authentic Ayurvedic medicine & herbal products manufacturing, and Ayurveda Clinical Training with a proven track record of result oriented Ayurvedic Treatment Protocols, Professionally managed Ayurveda Clinics and scientifically developed authentic Ayurvedic formulations through its own GMP certified & USFDA Registered manufacturing Unit.

Services we offer at Ayurveda wellness centre’s :

  • Ayurvedic Treatments for lifestyle as well as chronic disease
  • Panchkarma Therapies
  • Herbal Beauty Therapies
  • Ayurveda & Panchakarma Training Program
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Complete Range of herbal supplement & Ayurveda Products

Our Expertise

  • 14 Year experience in Ayurveda Wellness Industry and company operated by a ayurevdic doctor.
  • Authentic and results-oriented treatment protocol and herbal products.
  • Full-fledged infrastructure for back end support  for ayurveda clinical operation
  • In House production of a large range of herbal supplements and ayurvedic medicines
  • Back up with renowned & experienced Ayurveda doctor to provide technical and treatment support.

Support from our side to Franchise

  • 10-15 Days complete training to understand about Ayurveda & Panchkarma operation
  • Technical support to manage Ayurveda & panchkarma treatment.
  • Online promotion support from company as per marketing plan.
  • Ayurveda doctor support to manage health seminar.
  • Complete Ayurveda literature, catalogue, and leaflets support.
  • Best Quality Ayurveda & Herbal Products supply direct from Factory to centre on very competitive pricing.
  • Complete technical assistance to manage day to day operation.

Model Ayurveda Wellness Centre in Hobart Ready to handover as Franchise.

After entering in Australia market we selected Tasmania State to make our first Ayurveda Wellness Centre in Australia,


Three Main Reason to Choose Tasmania to setup our First Ayurveda Wellness Franchise Model Centre ?

Ayurveda Wellness Franchise on Sale in Hobart
1. Natural Climate and Weather

Tasmania is well known as natural state for having the purest & cleanest air and water in the world, and the best scenery and the richest history compared to other states in Australia. Tasmania is a treasure trove of natural wonders with beautiful landscapes, distinctive animals and plants, and an upscale diversity of ocean life. Being a compact island, it is simple to access its many various environments – from alpine ranges, wetlands and grasslands to coastal heaths and immense temperate rainforests.

Tasmania incorporates a gentle temperate climate, with four distinct seasons. Tasmania incorporates a similar latitude to European nation north of Spanish capital, Southern France and central components of European country and enjoys a temperate maritime climate, with four distinct seasons however not vast extremes of temperature.

Tasmania is best place for Ayurveda Wellness Centre for Rejuvenation & detoxification of the body, to get over of chronic illness and to balance your body, mind and soul in natural way.


Ayurveda Wellness Franchise on Sale in Hobart
2. Best Tourist Destination in Australia


  • Hobart- Australia’s southernmost capital is a charming city and main city of Tasmania.
  • Mona Museum and Art Gallery- Hobart
  • Salamanca Place- With its lovingly restored sandstone buildings, is a tourist hub in the heart of Hobart’s historic waterfront.
  • Richmond- 25km from Hobart, Richmond is a kind of living open-air museum.
  • Coles Bay– The village of Coles Bay sits on Tasmania’s east coast and acts as a gateway to Freycinet National Park.
  • Tasman National Park- It protects some of Australia’s most spectacular coastal scenery.
  • Climb The Nut- On Tasmania’s northwest coast, the Nut is a 143-meter-high volcanic plug, which looms over the picturesque heritage town of Stanley
  • Freycinet National Park.
  • Mount Field National Park- is one of Australia’s oldest national parks, with magnificent rainforests, alpine moorland, tall swamp gums, and stunning waterfalls.
  • Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park– A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the spectacular Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park has become a symbol of one of Australia’s most famous conservation victories.
  • Cradle Mountain.
  • Mount Wellington.
  • Bay of Fires.
  • Bruny Island.
  • Port Arthur.
  • Cataract Gorge Launceston– is a deep chasm carved over many centuries by the South Esk River.

3. Untapped Market for Ayurveda

Third reason is that earlier there was no full fledged ayurveda and panchkarma centre in Tasmania before the start of our operation to provide authentic and traditional ayurveda treatment and rejuvenation/Detoxification. So it was a great opportunity to setup a complete ayurveda wellness centre.

Property Detail:

This property is situated in very busy street in main city centre of Hobart called as CBD. Enjoying generous street frontage the property offers good profile for wellness Business. A total area of approximately 158m2 is well established ayurveda wellness centre with on site parking.

Lease Terms:

  • Leased property is aprox 158 sq mtr situated at ground floor, 153, Collins st, Hobart
  • Lease terms is for 3+3 years ( Started from June 2019)
  • Lease amount is $40000.00 + outgoing + GST per year.



Infrastructure Established at Hobart for Ayurveda Wellness Centre:

  • One fully furnished consultation room for practitioner.
  • Two furnished and equipped rooms for Ayurveda therapy includes traditional wooden massage & shirodhara table, shirodhara pot and all panchkarma therapy Equipements.
  • One big Hall for yoga & meditation, health workshop, seminars and Ayurveda training or can be sub-lease to someone for extra revenue.
  • One more room available for back end office or can be used for therapy room or can be sub-lease to someone for extra revenue.
  • Fully renovated reception and waiting lounge.
  • Fully equipped & furnished kitchenette.
  • Four furnished washrooms along staff area.
  • One strong room for storage.
  • Pharmacy display area along with display cabinets.
  • A traditionally Renovated as per Ayurveda wellness.
  • Complete stock of ayurveda medicine and herbal products for retail sale and treatments.
  • Fitted electronic equipment like computers, Printer, NBN , Telephones, security alarms, Hicap/Eftos machine etc.
  • All related stationery.

See the Clinic Video

Publicity & Brand Awareness activity:

  • Full wrap bus advertisement started from July 2019 and it will be continue till July 2020 to create brand awareness in Hobart. See the Video here
  • Started Online promotion on google and facebook page.
  • Business listed on Australia’s leading natural therapy classified portal “ Natural Therapy Page” and also listed on some other portals.
  • Leaflet and catalogue printed and ready for distribution.
  • Sign Board designed and printed and ready for install.
  • Health seminar started for awareness and tied up with some of community centres.

Software & Websites:

  • Using Cliniko software to manage booking, treatment record, invoicing and online appointments.
  • Developed dedicated website with shopping cart for online sale and also integrated with cliniko software to get real time booking and appointments.
  • Mobile application is also under development and it will also going to live soon.

Financial Detail:

This is our first ayurveda center in Australia So we developed it by investing huge capital and time to make it a model franchise and to setup a first complete ayurveda wellness centre in Hobart. Even within initial month this centre started generating $2.5k to 3$ business with part time working hours as since last 3 months centre was under development but now ready for full fledged operation & ready to handover to franchise.

(A)  Scope of Revenue per month:

  1. Revenue from Ayurveda & Panchkarma Therapy: $28800 P.M  (Average Therapy $80 per hours x 4 (Assume per day)  x 3 rooms x 30 days) Net revenue from therapy : $12240.00 after paying to therapist salary or commission ( normally therapist cost is $25-30 per hour on regular job or 50:50 ratio + 15% cost of consumable like oils , disposals and herbs on gross amount).
  2. Revenue from Consultation: $ 12000 P.M ( Average Consultation Charges per hour is $100.00 x 4 ( assume per day ) x 30 days,  Can hire 2 Practitioners so that centre can operate 7 days in a week. Net revenue from Consultation: $6000.00 after paying to Ayurveda Doctor’s salary or commission ( normally doctor work fix $35-45 per hour or 50:50 ratio on commission initially to avoid fix cost ).
  3. Revenue from Herbal Products & Ayurvedic Medicines:  $9000.00   ( Average 3 clients per day @ $100 for one month supply x 30 days) Net revenue from Herbal Products Sale: $5400.00 after paying purchase cost of products and medicine ( average purchase cost is 40% of the recommended selling price ).
  4. Revenue from Workshops: $ 3750 P.M ( 10 Persons in each workshop) x $25 per participant  x  15 workshops in a month- Basically workshops is a best tool to generate the client for treatment and consultation. Net revenue from Workshops: $1875.00 after paying to Ayurveda Doctor’s salary or commission ( normally ayurvedic doctor cost is $35-45 per hour or 50:50 ratio on commission initially to avoid fix cost ).
  5. Revenue from Ayurveda Training Course: $ 10000.00  ( 10 Persons per month from all over Australia) x 1000 per person for 5 Days training daily 2 hours practical & theoretical training. Net revenue from Workshops : $5000.00 after paying to Ayurveda Doctor’s salary or commission ( normally doctor work fix $35-45 per hours or 50:50 ratio initially to avoid fix cost )

(A) Total Monthly Scope of Net Revenue: $ 31955.00  ( After paying cost/Salaries of therapist & practitioners )

(B) Fix Expenses per month for Hobart Centre:

  • Rent : $4000.00 ( if use entire space otherwise can give 50% space on sub-lease @$2000 per month)
  • Electricity & Water: $700.00
  • Telephone : $80.00
  • Cliniko Software Subscription Charges : $110
  • Hicap /Eftos : $25.00
  • General Consumable : $500.00
  • Printing & Stationery : $250.00
  • Misc : $500.00

Total Fix Expenses per month (B) :   $6165.00 or $4165.00 ( if we give 50% space on sub-lease)

(C) Monthly Budget for Publicity:

  • Online Publicity Budget: $1500
  • Local Promotion & Seminar Activity Budget: $1000.00
  • Monthly Cost on Website updating, maintenance & hosting: $150.00 pm
  • Leaflet printing and distribution budget: $1000 pm

Total tentative budget per month (C)  : $3150.00  (It can be increase or decrease as per the business flow )

(D) Reception & Backend staff Cost : $ 3500.00

(E) Total Monthly Expenses : (B+C+D) = $ 12815.00

(F) Scope of Income per month after deduction of all exp. : (A-D ) =  $19120.00 & $2000 p.m from sublease

Note: Company royalty @ 10% on net income and invoicing will be done on a monthly basis.


Note: Above calculation is just projection of business revenue on the basis of existing established infrastructure but there is also an option available to expand therapy rooms to increase more revenue

Franchise on Sale in HobartHow much Investment do you need to own this ready to take over the Ayurveda wellness franchise?

  • $35000.00  Required total upfront  Investment to buy  established ayurveda wellness franchisee in Hobart

Break-up of Investment:

  • Franchise Fee: $15000.00* AUD  (*Established Centre Franchise Fee for one time only)
  • Infrastructure & establishment Cost: $20000.00 (Inclusive of all equipment and fixers etc. except product inventory)



Payment Mode:

We are giving a very flexible payment option:

  1. 50% payment at the time of signing of agreement and clinic handover.
  2. Rest 4 equal monthly installments

Franchise Terms: 5 Years and can renew after expiry

Who can Apply:  We prefer to  Ayurvedic doctor, Naturopath or any other natural treatment practitioner who are looking to established ayurveda business in Tasmania, But any individual who wants to enter in ayurveda wellness business and ready to put full-time efforts to handle this business as per the guideline of company.

Note: Best opportunity for Ayurvedic doctors / Practitioners who are planning to move in Tasmania from main land or overseas for Australian PR purpose. This business will help them to get the state nomination and to apply for PR.

For further commercial terms pls write email: at



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