Ayurvedic Consultation (Pulse Diagnosis)

ayurvedic consultation
Duration: 30 to 60 Minutes Charges: $50 to $100

Pulse Diagnosis or ‘Nadi Vigyan:

One of the important diagnostic technique of the ancient science of Ayurveda.

Saarangadhara Samhita (13th century AD.) was the first Ayurvedic Book to describe pulse examination, Later works such as Bhavaprakasa (15th century AD.), Yogaratnakara (16th century AD.), Basavarajeeyam (17th century AD.) etc. deal extensively with the subject.

Pulse diagnosis technique is the ancient art and science of Ayurveda detecting the present status of a person’s body, mind, and soul. Pulse is that vital flow of energy that courses through as a deep channel all over the body and enables the Ayurveda consultant to feel the way the blood squirt from the heart. To an experienced ayurvedic practitioner, taking your pulse is more than counting the beats. The functioning and well-being of the entire mind-body constitution can be recognized from the pulse diagnosis, including the balance between the doshas, the health of the various organs, warning signs of potential disease chance to occur in future, etc. By identify early symptoms of imbalance and disorder reaction in the body, the person can take preventive action to take care the health issue before it manifests into a real one. At Deep Ayurveda, our Ayurveda expert will offer a personalized Ayurvedic consultation regarding your health issues & advice you in ayurvedic way. All of our ayurvedic practitioners are trained and worked under the guideline & supervision of world’s renowned ayurvedic consultant – Dr. Baldeep Kour, and if you want to consult personally with her, then you need to check her schedule on booking calendar and can book your appointment with her.

Pulse Diagnosis
Pulse Diagnosis