Ayurveda Cooking

According to Ayurveda, food and ayurvedic herbs are classified by their properties, qualities, tastes and how they impact on our mind-body combinations of tridosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). Figure out your Dosha type with Basic Ayurveda Principles that can change your Life. Ayurveda identifies six tastes & believes we should have all of these six tastes in our daily routine of diet. These six tastes are- sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent and each taste has qualities to increase or decrease the doshas in our body. Sweet taste is heavy, sour taste is moist, salty taste is warm, bitter taste is cold, pungent taste is hot and astringent taste is dry. Food with similar qualities of dosha will increase it and whereas food with opposite qualities to a Dosha will decrease the dosha in our body and we aim for balance. Ayurveda has also explained to eat these tastes in a specific order, from sweet to astringent (that means eat dessert first!), to feel satisfied and digest food properly. Not having all six tastes can lead to health issues and illness in the body

The Ayurvedic diet is the cornerstone of the Ayurvedic lifestyle. Ayurveda believes that “food is medicine,” and that foods have the power to heal. Deep Ayurveda “Ayurvedic Cooking classes” is designed to help you to learn Ayurvedic Indian cooking and to start cooking Ayurvedic food at home. Each class teaches one vegan dish.


Please bring the following implements

  • Your chopping board, chef vegetable knife, peeler, wooden spoon or spatular, spoon for tasting.
  • a small cooking pot and take away container.
  • an apron, washing up sponge, tea towel, a pen & notepad.

Course Inclusions

  • One vegan recipes, and all the food ingredients.
  • An introduction to Ayurvedic Basic principles and guidance about the cooking of healthy & balanced diet as per ayurveda way.
  • Hands-on practical experience

Class on Ayurveda Food

Class on Ayurveda Food-is designed to help you to learn about the role of food in our daily routine as per Ayurveda and how you can stay healthy by Ayurvedic food.


Note: Cooking Classes are only as per the time schedule available and no cancellation allowed.