Prakariti Analysis (Body Constitution)

Duration: 30-60 Minutes Charges: $50 – 100

Prakariti Analysis (Body Constitution) – Ayurveda is a holistic healing science that has originated from Indian Vedic tradition. In Ayurveda, every treatment of diseases is planned based on a highly personalized manner which is called Prakriti Analysis in Ayurveda Science. Prakriti evidences the natural constitution of any individuals. It differs from person to person, each person having a unique constitution. Prakriti Concept is based on the theory of the influence of tridoshas, each having an unstable degree of disposition to different disorders.

Prakariti Analysis (Body Constitution) is brought into existence at the time of conception depending upon the influence of doshas during that period, and it remains consistent same throughout the life. The knowledge of Body type is an essential part of the diagnosis for any ayurvedic practitioner in treatment as well as preventing the diseases. So health can be maintained on analyzing Prakriti (Body type) of any individual. Prakriti analysis of any person is an essential part of Ayurveda Consultation.

Prakriti Analysis (Body Constitution) gives a rooted insight to plan a treatment, diet and lifestyle pattern for any person according to the habitat, climate and age factor, etc. Moreover, it is possible to outline the disorder tendencies of different constitutions so that a preventive lifestyle may be observed and also for the betterment of the health of a person with different Prakriti. Hence one can follow a balanced, time tested approach apply all the natural sources.

Anyone can find out their own body type through Ayurvedic constitution analysis by our Ayurveda experts who will analyze your Prakriti (Body type) by your pulse reading.

Prakriti Analysis