Our objective is not only to sell an ayurvedic product online, But we also want to promote & provide you the most authentic & genuine Ayurveda treatment with proper consultation support by the team of our ayurvedic doctors. Our main aim is to bring Ayurveda as a primary health care stream and to picture its scientific approach in a modern & authentic way to the world and to develop faith in its efficacy globally. We continue in the process to achieve this objective &  to spread the incredible holistic healing powers of Ayurveda for the well being of people around the world. Further to ensure quality and authenticity, every product is coming with quality assurance.

This universe made with “Panchmahabhut” (five elements), and human also made with “Panchmahabhut” (five elements), so the natural way for treatment is more acceptable by our body. Please keep in mind that every person’s Prakriti is different, so Ayurveda emphasis on the different treatment protocol for each person. Secondly, Ayurveda does not work just on symptoms of the illness; Rather it works on the root cause of the disease. Usually, for any chronic or lifestyle related disorder’s ayurvedic treatment will take three to four month time to treat because of its heal naturally not by any chemical or beta blockers.  So before purchasing any ayurvedic product, it is better if you consult with your ayurvedic consultant to know about the usage & duration which you have to take for any ayurvedic supplement. Deep Ayurveda never promotes or offer any warranty for any ayurvedic treatment or supplements.

But if any person continues the ayurvedic treatment as per the advice, direction, duration, caution adviced by our ayurvedic consultant and if he/she did not get the desired result then we will really very happy to return your money back without any question.  We proud on our  Ayurvedic Consultants & production team that since last 13 years of history, we never received a single request or claim for the return just because of time tested treatment protocol as mentioned in the ancient text of Ayurveda books and quality of our ayurvedic products.