Pain Management in Ayurveda

Pain Management in Ayurveda- Our Journey starts with pain (birth) and ends with pain (death). Actually, Pain is our best friend who walles along and informs us when something is wrong. Everyone is looking for a simples method to minimize and kills pain without understanding that chemicals and artificial methods just can manage pain, does not relieve it permanently. Ayurveda is a ray of hope to understand pain, to manage pain to get rid of it.

CAUSES OF PAIN – There are many causes of pain. It can be due to Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Stress headache, Spondylitis, frozen shoulder, backache, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Some trauma/accident.
According to Ayurveda cause of pain-It is an imbalance of vata dosha which in turn vitiate Kapha and pitta dosha too — thus causing pain, inflammation and damage of that part or body.

Pain Management in Modern – In Modern way they treatment they advise us for painkillers, anti-inflammatory. Some Calcium, Vitamin-D supplements, Steriods and in later stages surgery. But these all have a lot of side effects on our body and further effect/damage other organs and give us so many diseases. Surgical Procedure has its own complications, risks, and limitations.

pain management in ayurveda
Patar Polti Massage

Ayurveda Management of pain

  • First is Guidance of Diet- In Ayurveda, We guide patient what type of diet should a person take suffering from pain due to some diseases. What should be avoided?  What herbal supplement can we take to manage the well being of bones, joints, and organs
  • Lifestyle modification – We will guide some changes in lifestyle like daily Regimen, seasonal Regimen.Some basic physical exercises, Stretching, Yoga, Pranayam.
  • Mental, Spiritual well being – We will guide How to balance your emotional health, Spiritual health your sleep, and peaceful mind.
  • Treatment- After doing Dasvid and Prakriti means ten methods to diagnoses like Prakriti analysis, Nadi analysis, and many noses and also modern methods like blood tests, Scan, MRI( IF needed), we diagnose the disease and then give treatment.



According to Ayurveda how is the way, what treatment in Ayurveda for pain management?

  • Herbal Medicines/Supplements -Arthro oil and Cap, Shallaki.
  • Panchkarma Treatment in Pain Management
  1. Abhyanga –(Massage with Specific medicated oil According to diseases or general well being)
  2. Svedana-(steam bath with herbs infused in water to minimize pain and swelling).
  3. Potli Massage- Massage with Herbs Bundles & Ayurvedic Classcial Oil
  4. Shastishali Pinda Svedan Massage (Rice +herb)
  5. Kativasti -Greeva/Janu /Netra Vasti
  6. Basti –(Medicated Enema).

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