My experience with Deep Ayurveda, I went to Deep Ayurveda sometime in the year 2013, probably before June, I did not have serious health problem but inevitably, like most people after the age of 50, I do diagnose chronicle sickness like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, my lever index was beyond the normal level, I do not prefer the treatment of normal clinic as I believed western medicine that I have to consume would improve in one thing and worsen another and may incur other side effects. That was the reason I opt for Ayurveda as all the medicines are of natural herbs. I started the treatment, took the herbs daily according to Doctor’s advice, monitor with blood test reports, and it started to show improvement on all my health index, my blood pressure starts to return to normal and I gradually reduce the dosage after six to eight months later, I virtually stop taking the medicine for my BP and pressure remain normal. My cholesterol and triglycerides was closed to a normal level which I had tried a long time with no avail before I had treatment with Deep Ayurveda, of course, this improvement would also require one discipline on diet control and regular exercise. I have absolutely confidence on Ayurveda treatment now especially with Dr. Baldeep Kor, I truly trusted her that she is very experienced and genuine in her treatment and herbs provided, and I believe if I remain good diet and preserving healthy lifestyle, with the help of Ayurveda treatment, I can be sure that I will live long and remain healthy.