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“I was an assistant professor at IIT Ropar (Punjab) when I found out about Deep Ayurveda.I met Dr. Baldeep Kour at Deep Ayurveda in August 2011 regarding my disc herniation and other lifestyle-related issues like high cholesterol, high sugar, and overweight. She is one of the few doctors I have ever met, who take a personal interest in the patient well being and overall lifestyle. She not only gave me the treatment like Panchkarma for the back issue but also ensured I have a healthy lifestyle and eat well. She followed up with me very closely and was able to reduce ~ 8 Kg weight in ~3 months, brought my cholesterol, sugar level in control and lost like 2 years in my age.I was feeling more energetic and overall happy, healthy about myself. I could walk for miles and even started to run. I really wish I could have continued the treatment but I had to move to Bangalore for a job change and I couldn’t continue further. However, results from her treatment were amazing. I will be more than happy to get treated at Deep Ayurveda again. I wish Deep Ayurveda good luck.”